Secret Netflix Codes That Unlock All The Valentine’s Day Movies

Finding a movie on Netflix that you haven’t seen can be hard especially if you are addicted to Netflix – but no judgement! There is so much good stuff on there!

But Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you are probably trying to figure out a cute movie to watch but instead of spending hours scrolling through categories and titles you can use THESE codes to unlock movies under these titles! The first thing you need to do is login to your Netflix account, then take the URL:, and then you need to add the number code below to the end of that URL to access each category.

Classic Romantic Comedies – 29324

Comedies for Hopeless Romantics – 81506

Coming-of-age Teen Romance – 53046

Critically-acclimated Romantic Coming-of-age Movies – 9444

Dramas about Marriage – 19871

Feel-good Romantic Comedies – 35797

Feel-good Romantic Films – 35714

Films about Marriage – 18883

First-Love Teen Romance – 54231

Opposites-attract Romances – 43045

Opposites-Attract Teen Romance – 832159

Romance – 8883

Romance Classics – 31273

Romantic – 100052

Romantic Comedies – 5475

Romantic Coming-of-age Films based on Books – 55686

Romantic Dramas – 1255

Romantic Favourites – 502675

Romantic Films – 8883

Romantic First-love Films – 19834

Romantic Gay Films – 413843

Romantic Independent Comedies – 5257

Romantic Late Night Comedies – 17215

Romantic Teen Comedies – 3186

Romantic Teen Films – 1764

Steamy Romance – 35800

Steamy Romantic Films – 35800

Teen Romance – 53915

Teen Romance based on Books – 80183

Valentine’s Day Favourites – 1952249

Valentine’s Day Films – 50117

Witty Romanic Comedies – 36459




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