Short Guys Hate Tall Guys

It all comes down to evolution.

In human history, being tall and strong was a major advantage.  You could hunt better, which made you able to provide for a family better, so they got to pick whichever mate they wanted.  Shorter males just got what they got, and surely that inspired some jealousy.

Things are different now.  Humans are the masters of the Earth, and it’s no longer necessary to be tall or strong.  But the evolutionary jealousy still remains.  Some of it is well-founded (nobody would argue that tall guys have an easier time dating), but some of it is just leftover jealousy.

So if you’re a short dude, search your heart.  Do you hate tall fellahs?  Is it for a good reason or naw?

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

Do you resent people taller than you?

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