Should You Bag Your Own Groceries at the Supermarket?

With So many changes to Oregon & Washington’s new laws about plastic bags, paper bags, 5 cent charges for bags or bring your own bags YADA YADA YADA.  If you bag your own groceries, you’re definitely a jerk. Or are you?

A recent posting I read online, a reader wonders whether he’s a jerk for not bagging his own groceries at the supermarket. A Columnist named Drew Magary–who does, in fact, bag his own groceries–thinks it’s the other way around. “You’re announcing to the cashier that you don’t trust them to bag your stuff, nor do you have the time to wait for them to do it,” he explains. “You’re too important to let them do their job.
So do you prefer your supermarket checker to bag your groceries, I shop at Winco we’re you have to bag your own groceries,  I Some times shop at Walmart where they bag my stuff and at Safeway and they bag my stuff and I have no issues with it.   But do you?

Do you prefer to bag your own groceries

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