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Jenn Hays from Bull Mornings with Tony, Jake, & Jenn

Jenn Hays

She’s Texas born but Oregon raised. Her parents were United States Air Force and thus the Texas in her blood. But of the 32 years, she’s been around, 90 percent of it has been within the Oregon boarders. And sticking with her love for Oregon, Jenn attended and graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Media Communications knowing that radio was going to be her bread and butter!¬† It took some time and hustle to make it back here to PDX but all of the hard work was worth it.

Jenn is married and has a son, Bridger Bo and a daughter, Emmy Lynn!

When she’s not at the station or working an event she loves being outdoors: camping, fly fishing (a fun hobby that she and her husband picked up while living in Montana), hiking, and being at the lake. Jenn basically loves being active! Whether it’s dancing, working out… just get moving! And while she can rough and tough it with the guys at the gun range and out in mountains don’t mistake her incredibly girly side – hair, makeup, cute clothes and SHOES… Why CAN’T you be both?!

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