You probably shouldn’t be surprised if schools have to shut down again.  In this case, it’s not even a matter of keeping people from getting the virus.  At this point, it’s that so many people have it that staffing is becoming an issue.  Keep in mind that there aren’t enough substitutes in each district to cover a substantial number of people calling sick…  and if kids go to school, there has to be somebody in the classroom to watch them.  We don’t want them to just hire anybody to do that, right?

So we gotta shut down until the surge is over, if not ONLY to get people healthy again.

We all know this is coming to a close.  We can feel it.  Once everybody has caught this thing, it’s not going to be able to make headway.  If you’re vaxxed and boosted, then this virus isn’t going to kill you; but you still need to do your part not to spread it.

We’re all gonna get this thing.  Taking turns slowly is a good plan.  Or at least the best plan we’ve got.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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