Recently, Thomas Rhett, Tyler Hubbard (from FGL), and Russell Dickerson took a trip to a Tennessee men’s prison and visited the actual inmates on Death Row.  Based on that visit, they wrote a song…  called Death Row.

You gotta hear this thing.

I’ve never heard another song like it.  You ask me any day of the week, and I’ll tell you that my favorite sub-genres of country music is…  songs about death.  But this is a song about…  before death.  A song about somebody who knows the day they’re going to die, and is living their life until then.

Here’s what I love about it…  the song even acknowledges the different points of view about this concept.  Tyler Hubbard sings a line saying, “maybe I ain’t supposed to feel sorry” for this guy…  but he did anyway.  We all can feel how we feel, but seeing anything up close like that will change our viewpoint, I’m sure.  Maybe not convert us…  but give us perspective anyway.

It’s a song from people who have lived it.  These three men we’ve come to love, respect, and trust…  are giving it to us straight.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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