Not everyone is lucky enough to have AC in your home or Apt, and with Mother Nature throwing us another mild heatwave, I wanted to help ya stay cool this week.

Here here are a few simple and easy tips to chill Literally

1- Window Films
This may sound simple, but the basic act of blocking solar rays in the form of UV from entering the house can help decrease the internal temperature – manufacturers claim they can prevent up to 78% of the sun’s heat from entering your home.

2- Curtains
In the same way that window films can help reduce the heat entering your home, curtains work the same way, except it’s not a semi-permanent solution like window films are. Some brands of shades and curtains can block 90% sunlight. this is my go-to

3- Cooler A/C
Hit up your local hardware store and grab a styrofoam cooler, grab a bag of ice and a fan, Then google various DIY projects online how to make one for yourself. They are simple quick and easy and can help throw the hottest part of the day

4 -Fans
Fans if you can find one at your local hardware store or Walmart, Fred Meyer, Home Depot, or Lowes grab yourself a tower fan, it’s recommended to go for a standing fan. The larger diameter compared to a tower fan means you’re getting bigger blades, and bigger blades mean more airflow. If you want to be really eco-friendly, consider a solar-powered fan.

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