Stop Coaching From The Sidelines, Dad

Someday, they’re gonna need to chain me to the bleachers.

I have both my sons enrolled in a Parkour class over in Beaverton, which is great.  Revolution Parkour.  Look it up; they’re amazing.

But 5-year olds are pretty wild, and their focus can get a little loose pretty fast.  I’ve been a T-Ball coach for a few years now, and I know as well as anybody how fast you can lose their attention.

The coach of Junior Parkour was really pretty good, especially since he’s clearly too young to have kids of his own.  He did a pretty impressive job corraling a dozen+ kindergartners and keeping them on task…  but he couldn’t be everywhere, and I was doing my absolute best to bite my fist and not jump in.  I was dead-convinced that just one quick “Dad-bark,” and I could have corrected the outliers.

Of course, you can’t do that.  Let’s just hope I can make it all the way to high-school sports without becoming that guy.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull



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