Sucker For A Sob Story

Wanna know the easiest way to get something for free?  An absolute dead-locked way to get something of value without paying a cent for it?

Just wait ’til I’m selling something on Facebook Marketplace, and tell me a reason why I need to give it to you for free.  Because I’ll 100% do it.

I have a long history of this, so much so that it has caused me to lose respect among friends.  Some friends won’t even let me sell stuff anymore, because I’m such a sap.  Oh, I might add…  not only will I give it to you for free, but if you just hint that you’ll have trouble picking it up?  I’ll deliver it to you.  Doesn’t matter where you live.  You want the limited-edition Beanie Baby I have?  Just tell me it’s for your sick kid or whatever.  I’ll drive it to Idaho for you.  Now, I do get some satisfaction out of helping people, so I’m not too sensitive about this shortcoming of mine, but from the outside looking in, there’s often very little sympathy from my friends.

When did this become a negative trait?  I like helping people…  is that so bad?  So I get taken advantage of from time to time…  so what?  I also give a lot of people who really need it a break!  And a lot of times, I feel like they genuinely appreciate it.

I don’t think I’ll stop.  Perhaps I just need new friends.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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