Summer Sunshine is HOT

As we know Summer is Almost here just 20 days away, the first full official day is June 21st. As we know Summer can get heated in the PNW and it’s a good reminder to prep and be prepared. Here are a few good reminders to keep in mind to have a good summer

  1. Exercise early in the morning hours before the heat kicks up
  2. Walk your furbabies early as well so they don’t burn their pads on the hot concrete later in the day
  3.  Water your plants in the evening hours after dusk to cool them off and keep them hydrated just like yourself.
  4. Water safety, if your going to the lake, river, or favorite water spot to play make sure you let friends and family know where you are headed just in case and always carry your SPF 10,15,25, 30 , and 50 to protect yourself from Skin Cancer
  5. Vehicles … never leave your animals in a hot vehicle! if it’s hot outside it’s even hotter inside with no air and could be deadly.
  6. Sunglasses are always good to carry a pair to protect your eyes, but NEVER leave them on the dashboard of your car! they could start a fire. A fire department in England posted a photo to show how it really can start a fire, just like burning stuff with a magnifying glass.  They say it happened to someone’s car this past Saturday.It melted the entire dashboard, along with the top of their steering wheel.  It looks like it even burned a big hole through their windshield.

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