Summers Comin In Hot

Monday is he first day of Summer and The longest day of the year and, by the looks of it, Mother Nature plans on heating things up, and it’s coming in hot. Literally, the west coast is already experiencing a drought and lots of heat and people are starting to plan their summer Vacations.

Well if you plan on being in the sun getting tan while waterskiing, wake surfing, or just lounging in the backyard and soaking up that vitamin D you can’t forget about the sunscreen.  Hot weather means fewer clothes and lots of sunburns.

A lot of people are dealing with SUNBURNS right now in different parts of the country, and  Google trends put out a report that found searches for sunburn remedies are way up.  Here are the top five sunburn fixes people are googling right now . . .


1.  “Does shaving cream help a sunburn?”  Yes and no.  It won’t magically get rid of it.  But they usually have menthol, which has cooling effects and helps with inflammation.

2.  “Does aloe help?”  Yes, aloe vera is the most popular thing people use.  It helps with the pain, redness, and inflammation.  And it makes your skin produce more collagen, so it heals faster.

3.  “Does vinegar help?”  Maybe, but it could also make things worse.  Some people swear apple cider vinegar works for sunburns.  But vinegar is acidic, so you have to dilute it a lot.  If you don’t, it can burn you even more.

4.  “Does lotion help a sunburn?”  Yes, but it should be non-oil-based.  Anything with oil can trap the heat in and make it hurt more if you put it on too soon.  So in general, wait a day with oil-based stuff.  But moisturizing while you recover is a good idea.

5.  “Does coconut oil help?”  Yes, maybe.  But again, don’t put it on right away or the oil can trap in the heat.

As a fair-skinned Redhead and sun lover, you MUST wear your sunscreen?  take it from me, I have already dealt with Skin Cancer twice and it’s not fun and extremely painful, so this summer grab the SPF 30 and Higher to protect yourself and you’ll thank me later  and most of all get ready to enjoy Summer and all those great outdoor activities

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