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Lunchbox Finds Out If He’s Top 25 Famous People In Nashville

Lunchbox didn't get the reaction he was hoping for!

Lunchbox Upset With Grocery Store Worker Who Didn’t Let Him Buy Alcohol

Lunchbox's ID was expired, but he's still upset at the whole situation.

Lunchbox Called Amy’s Possible Scammers To Ask Them Questions

We're all sick of the scam calls, texts, and emails and Lunchbox just *maybe* told some like…

Eddie Is Feeling Uncomfortable In The Studio Because Of Lunchbox

Eddie and Lunchbox are always going at each other for various things.

Lunchbox Passed As A 2020 Graduating Senior At Krispy Kreme

Lunchbox is always trying to score free stuff.  This time he visits Krispy Kreme to see if…

Is There Really A Secret Menu At Starbucks?

Is the Starbucks secret menu a real thing or an urban legend?  Lunchbox finds outs the official…

Does Wendy’s Still Have Meat?

First there was a toilet paper shortage now there is a meat shortage. Did Wendy’s stop serving…

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