The Winter Olympics Kicked off last night in Beijing, China, and it officially began at 3:30 am our time, we’re you awake to see it?.  I watched the late feed and was so proud to be an American!

Team USA looked so spectacular in those Ralph Lauren Polo Caps and Jackets DANG They all look like supermodels.

I’m a huge sports fan and love winter activities, for years I grew up competing and doing the men’s Slalom, Giant Slalom, and Downhill competitions in Mammoth Lakes California in High School and have to admit I did pretty dang good.

Now there is Snowboarding, Freestyle skiing, Bobsledding, Speed Skating and yes Curling.

Jake and I did that not long ago and learned so much about the sport and was fascinated by it. So I have to ask what is your favorite winter competitions at the Winter Olympics

Let us know

What Is Your Favorite Winter Olympic Sport

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