Well as we know school has started for some and the rest should be catching up in the next week or so here in the Pacific Northwest. And we as parents know once school starts, homework follows.

Here’s the problem, when trying to study and absorb knowledge, that cell phone can really get in the way. Ask Me How I Know, I fought with my daughter her Senior year of High School, EVERY NIGHT she would play on her mobile for hours, then last minute cram everything she could in 5 hours

Here is the the truth If you are trying to study, trying to do homework and you read a sentence, read two sentences, and then turn your head, check and see who texted you – it goes buzz buzz buzz buzz – you’re going back and forth between the buzzes and texting your friends and studying – your brain doesn’t really process properly what you just read. You think it does, but it doesn’t really connect one thought to the next thought and so that you can really contemplate it, think about it, and then your brain gets it.

Dr. Daniel Schnaar, of Beaumont Children’s Hospital, admits he struggled to set limits with his own teens, which is why he came up with a simple method for the rest of us. Alert you teen/student  that while they’re studying, no phone is allowed at all for 45 minutes, then you get it back for 15 minutes.

“A 45-minute window to focus on their studies, try to get their homework done – and they know they have 15 minutes that they don’t have to worry about school, they can text their friends as fast as they can, and then they have to go back for another 45 minutes

Let’s tackle the sleep issue now. If you can’t get your kid to go to bed earlier, here’s a trick – start waking them up earlier. Also ask that they turn in their screens to a central location, like the kitchen, for the night. That way they go to bed tired and unplugged, which is the goal.


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