“Thanks For Your Patience!” Hold On A Sec…

That’s a way over-used phrase in customer service, because oftentimes, it’s used before that patience has been established.

The worst offenders are in e-mail.  I was trying to get our website fixed the other day, and I e-mailed our tech support here at the company.  The response was, “we’re aware of the problem, and we’re working on it.  Thanks for your patience.”  Problem is…  I wasn’t overcome with a sense of patience at the time.  In fact, I really needed the website to be working so I could get some time-sensitive work done.  I was decidedly impatient.

I find it overly assumptive to assume patience.  In many cases, I do have it.  If I’m at a busy sandwich shop, and they apologize for the delay and thank me for my patience when I get to the counter?  I like that.  I appreciate being appreciated.

But dammit, read the room.  Don’t give me credit for something I definitely didn’t earn.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull



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