If anyone has been listening to country music for a while you’ll know that there are a TON of great songs that have come out over the decades. When someone asks ‘what’s your favorite country song?’ do you know how HARD that question is?? It is a hard choice when there are SO many good ones!

However, right now I’ve for sure got a favorite and I’m also calling it the best country song at the moment:

Carly Pearce and Lee Brice ‘I Hope You’re Happy Now.’

I have no person connection to this song and I really don’t have anyone that I’m thinking about during this song either… I’m just a sucker for a really good duet. (Music nerd here). Plus, Carly has an amazing solo voice and Lee Brice is incredibly underrated in country music. His voice is stellar.

This was the version from the ACM: Our Country where you can tell each of them is at home. You want to know what talented looks like? Singing from home over a Skype call! This is why I love country so much… Take away all the glitz and technology and you’ve got raw talent!

Sharing for your enjoyment.



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