Ads cost $7M a pop for a 30-second commercial this year, and truthfully, there weren’t that many 30-second spots!  Advertisers popped for longer timeslots, and made good use of their time.


It’s pretty tough to beat Seth Rogen & Paul Rudd for sheer enjoyment and charm.  Paul Rudd is straight-up adorable ALL the time.

Rocket Mortgage

This one got me, because I legit thought it was a Barbie commercial.  Then Anna Kendrick popped on screen, and I was on guard, because no way she does a straight Barbie commercial.  She’s too cool for that.  Sure enough…  I laughed.

Sam’s Club

We don’t even have Sam’s Clubs, but Kevin Hart is still good for a laugh.  Or in this case, several of them.


I like Tommy Lee Jones.  I like Rashida Jones.  I even like Nick Jonas.  But I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Leslie Jones.  There’s very few people who make me laugh just by watching her exist.  So I was delighted by this one.


Yeah, I’m a sucker for nostalgia.  So if they reboot a movie I loved as a youth, I’m gonna like the commercial.  It doesn’t even need to be that clever.  Like this one…  Jim Carrey made it funny because he’s Jim Carrey.

General Motors

Same as the last entry…  I liked this because of the nostalgia.  I like seeing Seth Green being all old and having a kid as his own.  I like that Rob Lowe showed up for one line in this commercial.  Mindy Sterling made me smile.  I liked it.  (Plus, I’m a tree-hugger, and these commercials are important.)


OK, I thought the biggest surprise of the WHOLE Super Bowl was…  how hot does Eugene Levy look with long hair?!?  I’ve LONG had a theory that there is not one single man who looks better with longer hair than short…  only to have it completely flattened with a Nissan commercial!

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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