I completely understand that they’re people.  They get sick just like anybody.  And they’re up there, giving it their all every night, and that takes a toll on the body.  And just because I’m a fan…  I’m not entitled to their time in any way.  I perfectly, logically understand all of that.

But I’ll be honest…  if an artists cancels a show in the middle of the show that I’m already at…  I’m gonna be miffed.

The Chicks were performing a show in Indianapolis, and after just a couple songs, lead singer Natalie Maines had to genuinely say sorry to her crowd and end the show early.  Allergies were getting to her, and despite taking every precaution (steroid shots, rest, preparation), she couldn’t continue.  Fans were told to hold onto their tickets, and they would be honored at a future show…  but still!  I’d go home grumpy after that.

It’s totally selfish of me; it’s true.  But from my point of view, I just paid an exorbitant amount for a ticket.  I paid a ludicrous amount for parking.  I bought a beer that costs as much as an entire meal anywhere else in town.  I put on good clothes.  I said no to lots of things to be here tonight.  I want my night to go like I planned, and if the universe doesn’t see fit to give me that, I’d be inclined to take that personally.

Famous people…  take care of yourself.  If you can’t perform, don’t.  You got a huge machine of people behind you that are counting on you to stay healthy and bring in the bacon.  So don’t listen to me on this…

…but I’d be annoyed.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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