Seriously?  If there’s one store where the prices just…  can’t go up…  it’s the Dollar Tree!

The company says that starting next year (in 2022), a majority of the items at the Dollar Tree will be raised to $1.25.  There will still be $1 items, but for the most part, it’ll be an extra quarter.

First off, I like that it’s going to be $1.25.  I’m sure that in many places, where there’s a sales tax, the nice, round $1 price is kinda meaningless, because you’re having to deal with coins anyway.  But in Oregon, that $1 was always kinda nice.  If you have an extra paper dollar in your pocket, you know you can roll in there and grab whatever you want.  And the same goes for $1.25.  Because when you buy 4 items, it’s still going to be a nice, round $5.  I like that.  I appeals to my Type A side.

Secondly, this is a perfectly reasonable change.  I walk through Dollar Tree, and I often wonder, “what the hell is the markup at the other stores?!?”  There are plenty of products at Dollar Tree that cost upwards of $3-$4 other places.  $1.25 is not too much to ask.

Lastly, my only thing is…  should they change the name?  Maybe it’s not necessary, because of the tax thing?  It’s never been a dollar in most places.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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