I’m a Blazers fan.  But I’m not a BIG Blazers fan.  I keep track of only a few things…  did they win last night?  What’s their record?  Are there playoff hopes?  Who are the big stars?  Who’s coaching?  That kind of stuff.  I’m a casual fan at best.  I have very many fond memories of going to games, and I own several pieces of Blazers merch.  But I wouldn’t stand a chance in a Blazers trivia night at my local pub.

So we start there.  I’m not a “sports guy.”  I like ’em, but they’re not my world.

With that said, this part of professional sports always bores the tar out of me.  And it uncomfortably reminds me that this is a business, and I throw my emotions in with something that is designed to turn a profit.  It’s not so much “a family” but a collection of mercenaries who may hold some affection for the city I love dearly, but are really just hired guns who can come and go at a moment’s notice.  Sometimes it’s their choice, sometimes it’s not, but they drift out of my bubble without much fanfare or regret.  And that always disheartens me and bothers me.

I love Damian Lillard.  I think he’s an ace of a man, a fine role model for youth, a philanthropist for our community, and a leader and supporter of social issues I care about.  I’m glad we’re keeping him.  But the thing is…  I liked the stars in his orbit, and I thought CJ was an awesome addition to our “family.”  And when he was dismissed to create more room to build a franchise around Dame?  It didn’t sit well with me.  Like…  we already had a franchise there.  We already had a guy who was setting roots and was settling into the Oregon life.

And what did we get?  Some other folks?  Some picks?  That s*** bores me.  I don’t care about that.  I cared about the man himself.  And now he’s gone.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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