The Going Rate For A Baby Sitter In Portland

Need a night out? Craving some time along, out with the girls or a date with the hubs? If you are in the greater Portland area (or anywhere near) here is what you can expect to pay per hour for a baby sitter:

One Kid: $14.38/hour
Two Kids: $15.90/hour

I’m not mad about this. If I’m trusting someone to watch after my kids then they should be getting paid well. With this number in mind I’m adding up the cost of a night out and dannnggggg… If you Uber (so you can have some wine!) (~$20) and then have a drink or two (~$15), eat dinner (~25), see a movie (~$25) and get dessert (~$15) PLUS add in about four hours of babysitting (~$58) this night out equals is just about $160 (for just one kid). OMG. $160.

This is where I am reminded just exactly how thankful I am to be near my parents and my in-laws!!!




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