The Most Popular Girl Scout Cookie in Every State

Do you have a girl scout in your life or at least know a few of them? Yesterday I placed my order and grabbed four boxes and I can’t wait to dig into them and crumble them up over a big bowl of French Vanilla Ice Cream. I purchased Thin Mint, 2 boxes of Samoas, and a box of the new variety –  Adventurefuls

in 2022 there are about 10 different types of Girl Scout Cookies . . . depending on your area . . . but only a few that people actually pay attention to.

There’s new data from Google Trends on what Girl Scout cookies people were searching for in each state over the past week . . . and one type DOMINATED.

Thin Mints are the most popular cookie in 38 states.  Tagalongs, also known as Peanut Butter Patties, are second with EIGHT states.

The new variety, Adventurefuls, are #1 in THREE states . . . and Do-si-dos, also known as Peanut Butter Sandwiches, were the most popular in ONE state, South Dakota.

Which means that . . .  surprisingly . . . there’s not a lot of love for Samoas, a.k.a. Caramel deLites.

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