The Oldest Dinner Etiquette In The Book

Let me set the stage here.

We are out to dinner with some really good friends of ours. The dinner comes out and as the server is handing our friends husband his dish he realizes that it is the wrong dish. Myself, my husband and his wife are now all sitting with our plates in front of us and there’s this weird vibe at the table which I can only assume is everyone trying to decide if they should go ahead and eat or if we should wait for our friend remade dish to come back out. Well, since this is the oldest dinner etiquette in the books we all wait. It doesn’t bother me at all to wait but dang was my food tempting me!

So, my question is… Is this still a thing? Are we as a society still following this rule? I can understand at a formal dinner or a business lunch but a casual dinner with our good friends? Do we still do this?

Do You Wait To Eat Once Everyone Is Served?

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