The Perseids Meteor Shower is on its way

The past few months have delivered several spectacular celestial phenomena, including the rare “super flower blood moon” lunar eclipse, “ring of fire” solar eclipse, and a beautiful strawberry supermoon. But now, the year’s best meteor shower, Perseids, is fast approaching, promising to bring spectacular shooting stars to the summer sky.

Astrophotographers will want to make sure their telescopes and cameras are ready for this epic cosmic event, which delivers incredible photos each year.

The Perseids occur during the warm nights of summer, making them easily visible from around the world, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. Meteors will be visible starting in the mid-to-late evening hours, as early as 9 p.m., and continue to get better into the pre-dawn hours, after 2 a.m.

Earlier in the night, skywatchers have the opportunity to spot a rare earthgrazer, a long, slow, and colorful meteor moving across the horizon. In the Southern Hemisphere, meteors will begin to appear around midnight.

“If those hours seem daunting, not to worry! You can go out after dark, around 9 p.m. local time, and see a few Perseids,” NASA said. “Just know that you won’t see nearly as many as you would had you gone out during the early morning hours.”

Now is the time to plan an evening out of the city far off in the backwoods with no lights to see this spectacular shower, every year we manage to be busy and forget about it, but not this year, We plan on heading out as far away from the city lights as possible. So make a plan now with the kids load up the truck or Rv and get ready to create some create great memories

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