The Rudest Things You Can Do During Thanksgiving Dinner

As we get set to gather with Family and Friends tomorrow keep this in mind,  Thanksgiving brings loved ones together to unplug and share a special meal. However, there is some stress on the host to make sure they have everything perfect the way they like it, and here is a list of top things that a recent survey of candidates said these are the top rude things and what not to do going into tomorrow

Not RSVP-ing

Ignoring The Schedule

“If you’re going over to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving festivities, make sure you know the schedule of events and plan accordingly,”

Bringing Dishes That Require Cooking

“Unless explicitly cleared with the host in advance, don’t bring any food that requires you to use their stove or oven,” said Nick Leighton, an etiquette expert and co-host of the “Were You Raised by Wolves?” podcast. “The host is busy preparing the meal and definitely doesn’t have extra space in the oven or on the stove for you.”

Starting Tense Conversations

“Family and friends all put together in one spot like this often means a clash in personalities, religious beliefs, politics and unsolicited opinions on every subject,” said August Abbott, an etiquette expert with JustAnswer. “The usual rule to insist on no discussions of religion or politics is hard to enforce, but enforce it you must. Even if everyone is of the same political preference, just talking about ‘the other side’ raises blood pressures and angst. This is not what the day is about.”

Prying Into People’s Personal Business

Asserting Yourself In The Kitchen Without Being Asked

“Refrain from giving the host advice on how to season the food,” The host is preparing the meal, so let them take charge. And if you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, try to be gracious if this situation arises.

Not Letting The Host Know About An Allergy Or Dietary Restriction

Don’t just assume the host knows about all of your dietary requirements.

Only Talking To People You Know

“Make conversation with new people,” Gottsman said. “If there are dinner guests you aren’t familiar with, make it a point to speak to them and get to know them rather than sticking to those you see and speak to every day. It’s polite to mix and mingle with new friends.”

Showing Up Empty-Handed

“Don’t forget to send your host a thank-you note,” Leighton said. “The only thing better than being invited to Thanksgiving dinner is being invited back.”

Assuming You Can Take Home The Leftovers

Thanksgiving leftovers are a highlight of late November, but the host who prepared the meal has every right to keep the remaining food in their house.
“Don’t ask for a doggie bag if one is not offered,”

Hanging Around Too Long After Dinner

“Don’t overstay your welcome,”

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