Yes, I’ll admit I’m a work-aholic, I love my job, it’s my dream job, but some days I feel like I never get away from my desk and next thing you know I’m in bed and right back in the same spot. 10 hours a day is stressful. If you know what I’m talking about just know you are not alone.

65 % percent of Americans working from home during the pandemic are working longer hours according to new research.

A new study found that Americans who are working from home about the changes in their routines and how they’ve been holding up during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Seven out of 10 respondents from the study said they’ve struggled to maintain a healthy work-life balance as they work from home in isolation.  The survey also found 56 % of respondents shared they’ve been more stressed about work than ever before.

This increased stress isn’t surprising, as 62%  of respondents feel pressure from their company to be working beyond what is required of them as they work from home.

76% percent of respondents also said their company has pressured them into being available at all hours of the day since their work from home period started.

In fact, respondents shared they tend to work over their normal hours at least three times a week and six free hours every week

So If You are falling into this category, here are a few easy tips to help you cope with stress while working from home

  1. Watching TV: 54 percent
  2. Meditation: 42 percent
  3. Reading a book: 41 percent
  4. Having sex: 36 percent
  5. Jogging: 32 percent
  6. Cooking: 32 percent
  7. Taking a hot bath: 29 percent
  8. Playing board games: 29 percent
  9. Yoga: 27 percent
  10. CBD products: 26 percent
  11. Essential oils: 25 percent
  12. Baking: 22 percent
  13. Arts and crafts: 20 percent



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