The Top Summer Things We Will Miss Include . . . Wearing Less Clothes

September is officially here which means we have less than three weeks until the official end of summer.on 9/22  (Although for us parents with kids in school, it’s already a done deal.)

This week I asked a few friends what they will miss most about summer, Here are the Top Five:

1.  Warm weather.

2.  Wearing fewer layers of clothes.

3.  “Summery fruit.”

4.  Barbecues.

5.  Eating ice cream.

I also asked what summer foods and scents people will miss, and watermelon was #1.  Barbecue was next, followed by ice cream . . . pineapple . . . popsicles . . . Slushees . . . cherries . . . corn . . . coconut . . . and seafood.

63% of people said they wish summers lasted longer . . . with many of them suggesting two additional months.  And thanks to climate change, that wish may come true someday.


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