The Upside Movie Review

Sometimes the most unlikely friendships develop when you need them the most.  That’s what happens in The Upside.  Bryan Cranston stars as a wealthy quadriplegic who hires Kevin Hart as his day-to-day caretaker in his New York Penthouse.  Hart’s character is a parolee trying to reconnect with his son and provide for him and his ex.  They develop an unlikely bond and help each other see the see the good in life.  Prepare yourself for some hilarious laugh out loud moments.  You can imagine how that sets the stage for some awkwardly funny moments, especially in the scenes involving a catheter.  The downside of the upside is that the movie builds to an abrupt ending that feels a little rushed.  I’ll give the Upside three out of five popcorn emojis.  Be sure to check out my other One Minute Reviews for Vice and Aquaman.



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