When YOU get up in the morning, do you start off stressed out over your emails? Typically I receive about 75 a day and it’s a challenge to get thru all of them, so I’ll knock some out while enjoying my wake up cup of joe and  If you’ve got hundreds or thousands of unread emails ( Like my Wife), here are four tips to get your inbox under control:

1.  Sign up for browser extensions.  There are several Gmail extensions that can help you.  Unroll.me lets you unsubscribe from several email lists at once.  Checker Plus lets you delete and respond to emails without even opening your email.  And Boomerang can remind you of important messages you still need to respond to.

2.  Respond to important messages when they come in.  Yes, it’s easy to put off responding, especially if that unread email is just one of thousands.  But you should get in the habit of just responding when it comes in.

3.  Use the search feature.  Chances are you have several unread emails from the same sender.  So use the search tool.  For example, if you search for “LinkedIn,” you might get hundreds of results you can easily delete at once.

4.  Unsubscribe from lists.  If you’ve signed up for too many newsletters and other lists, start unsubscribing to them as they come in.  That will keep your inbox nice and tidy going forward.

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