Once again our Portland Trailblazers are busting open the history books, last week our Blazers took us back to 1953, the last time an NBA game went into 4 overtimes, now tonight they are doing it again, as they prepare to take on the World Champion Golden Stae Warriors in Oakland.

This time it’s Brother Vs Brother, who is the better brother? Steph Curry battles his little brother Seth Curry in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals Hence, Seth and Steph will become the first set of NBA siblings to face each other in a conference final, leaving their parents, Sonya (who looks just like Steph) and Dell (who looks just like Seth) with a dilemma of loyalty.

The elder Currys told AP news agency that they’ll flip a coin before each game to determine which of them roots for which sons’ team. “I normally don’t get nervous for games when either one of them play,” says Dell, who played 16 seasons in the NBA. “But I got a little nervous knowing how they’re going to play against each other.”

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