Check this thing out that they’re doing on the Coquille River…  it’s mad smart.

On the Coquille River, the smallmouth bass are endangering the salmon runs on that river, because they prey on the young salmon.  And because we in the NW will do or kill damn near anything to protect the salmon, they’ve decided to microchip a few smallmouth bass, release them into the river, and give people prices when they catch them.  There are 20 fish worth $50, 10 worth $100, 10 worth $200, 5 worth $500, and a grand prize fish that is worth $1000!  Now…  the point of this contest is to incentivize people to catch however many smallmouth bass they can, so as to help the salmon, but with a $1000 fish swimming around out there, you know people will be participating!

KOIN has the full story, and I love this.  I think this is a really fun way to help an endangered species, and hopefully somebody wins the cash!

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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