Ever found yourself being asked to empty the dishwasher or do the laundryand the getting upset to get off the couch? did you know that 80% of people say they get into fights or arguments about doing chores?

According to a new survey, 80% of people say they get into fights or arguments with their significant other &  roommates about doing chores.  And from that group, about one in five say those arguments happen a LOT.

Here are the Top five chores we hate and fight over the most . . .

1.  Washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.

2.  Doing laundry.

3.  Cleaning the bathroom, including the toilet.

4.  Sweeping and vacuuming.

5.  Cooking meals and grocery shopping.

The survey also found the average person spends 690 hours a year on housework, which comes out to around 13 hours a week.


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