As an owner of A Mobile Dj Business and wedding DJ, I can attest to this list, I have seen it over and over, time & time again.  I have sat thru numerous wedding gift giveaways and have seen a few raised eyebrows over the years.

Future couples listen up when it comes to making that wedding registry, there are some gadgets and goods you’ll use and cherish for years to come. Then, there’s the stuff you’ll soon realize you have no intention of using or displaying.

1.The Juicer

Unless you’re Gwyneth Paltrow level into it, you’ll use it five times a year, & will hate cleaning it every time. Like mine, it will sit in the back of the panty waiting to be dropped off at Goodwill

2. Real Silver Tea Set

I have my grandparents set from 1950, and I NEVER USE IT and polishing these dainty sets are not fun, and you likely won’t be using these much to entertain guests.

3. A Fancy Cappuccino Machine

YUP Got this too Sure, it might be exciting at first to greet each morning with a kiss & a luxurious cup of espresso. But after a while, you’ll end up at  drive thru visiting your favorite barista at the coffee shop

4. Single-Use Kitchen Tools

Some are Questionable Any kitchen gadget that does one thing — I happen to like my Tomato Slicer, the avocado slicer, apple slicer, garlic press do I happen to collect dust.

5. China Set

Sure, they seem cool in theory, if you plan on throwing lavish parties for dignitaries, but let’s be real, splurge on something more real like a vacation fund to the Bahamas that’s something you’ll actually and remember forever.

Take it from me you’ll thank me later



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