This Little DIY Can Help You Save Some Money

When It comes to saving money I’m all about it,  and when it comes to wasting food I’m not all about it.  I do the grocery shopping and buy some things for the family, and then a week later I’m tossing out the stuff we never ate and say to myself crap well there goes 5 bucks, dang it 10 bucks, So I hope this little DIY helps you like it has me.

Here’s a cheap and easy hack that works:  Put a paper towel in your vegetable drawer.  It sucks up the extra moisture fruits and vegetables release over time and keeps things fresh so you don’t waste food.

If you’ve never tried it, give it a shot it works

Most fruits and vegetables release moisture over time, and that extra water makes them spoil even faster.  But a dry paper towel sucks it up and keeps everything fresh a lot longer.









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