What is one thing that drives you crazy, Me I hate to be late, especially if I’m dj’ing a wedding there is nothing worse then the Bride & Groom in panic mode wondering if your coming to their big day?  If you are one to always run late to meeting events concerts and stuff, here are five strategies that can help . . .

1.  Map out your time Estimate how long it’ll take to get somewhere, always round up to the nearest 10 minutes.  Instead of saying, “It’ll take 14 minutes to get there,” assume 20 minutes.  Then you have a little wiggle room. This is always key for me

2.  Learn to be okay with waiting pack your patience.  People who are never late to stuff tend to spend a lot of time waiting in their car.  Once you’re parked, you can read, listen to the radio, or waste time on your phone.  And you’ve got nothing else to do, so it’s guilt-free.

3.  Buy a wall clock. We have clocks everywhere, The Stove, the Micro Wave, The Alexa device,  put yours somewhere you can see it while you’re getting ready. The point is it’s too easy to lose track of time if your only clock is the one on your phone.

4.  Time yourself.  if you’re always late for work, maybe you’re just not giving yourself enough time in the morning lets say an extra 10-15 minutes always helps.  Try using the stopwatch on your phone tomorrow to see how long it really takes to get ready.  Then adjust your routine if you need to.

5.  Stop making excuses, like you’re just “really busy.”  If you’re ALWAYS late, it’s not because you’re too busy.  It’s because being on time isn’t truly a priority for you.  And once you make it a priority, you’ll be on time more often than not.


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