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This pandemic has drastically altered consumer eating habits

Since the pandemic started we have been forced to change and readjust in life.  Over the past year I have picked up some new interest and cooking is one of them, I have perfected tri-tip on the smoker, chicken bake mac and cheese, and Carna Asada street tacos.  Is cooking one of your favorite things you picked up in 2020 ?

If so we are not alone.  Most people have been cooking more at home during the pandemic. And apparently, they don’t want to stop. A new survey by consumer market research firm Hunter shows 71% of people say they’ll continue to cook at home more often, even after the pandemic ends. and I totally agree with this statement,

They say eating at home has led to more confidence in the kitchen as well as saving money, eating healthier, and spending more quality time and engaging with family

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