Today is Teacher Appreciation Day, a day about valuing the educators who work so diligently and patiently to teach future generations.   But there is a bit of a misconception about what happens tomorrow.  By now, you’ve probably been notified that there will be no school tomorrow, May 8th.  It is called a Day of Action or rally. It is NOT a strike or teacher walk out. Teachers are not walking out on students and leaving an unsafe situation. All families have been notified that there will be no school on May 8. In place of no school, the school year has been extended by 1 day, or a teacher work day has been restored to a regular student day.

The purpose of the rally is to ask the state for better funding in education. Every year there are continued teacher cuts, making for large class sizes. There is a lack of support staff, counselors, and assistants in order to help with the increase in behavior issues and the large class sizes due to teacher cuts.  This is not about increasing teachers pay, even though that is an issue therein itself.
In my humble opinion, the biggest problem plaguing our country is our education system.  It’s one of the first places we look to cut, when it comes time to tighten our financial belts.  Education is the key to a successful future.  Anything we do to undermine the quality of education for our youth, shortchanges our future.  It truly is that simple.So don’t get angry or upset with teachers, put yourself in their shoes.  They have the most thankless, yet one of the most important jobs in America.  Take a moment to read more about the WHY behind the Day of Action and you may find yourself supporting this important cause.


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