Tough Resolution Time

There has been a trend of discounting resolutions over the past couple years.  As if it’s bad to want to start a new year with a fresh start and new healthier habits.  So I’m gonna make one again this year.  Like I always have.  I don’t remember exactly what I resolved to do last year, but I’m gonna guess I didn’t stick to it.  I tend not to.  But I want to.

And yeah, I’m gonna make the usual resolutions about losing weight and getting in shape.  It’s such a good time to do it.  So yeah.  You’ll find me on the treadmill this year.

But there’s tougher ones that need to be made as well.  And I’m not excited about them, because they will reduce some of my joy.

It’s time for me to stop counting on people so much.

I hate it.  I hate this resolution.  Because it’s a genuine thrill when somebody important to you sacrifices to help you out.  Nothing makes you feel more important in the world.  But it just doesn’t happen that often anymore.  Less and less every day, it seems.  Even the people who are close to you can let you down, and they’ll do it with increasing regularity.

So that’s it.  The new world calls for more self-reliance.  It’s not the best system, but it’s where we’re headed.  You can’t count on people anymore.  Nobody has others in mind.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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