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Traveling For Christmas? Don’t Wrap Your Gifts

‘Tis the season to travel and see all your family members and friends!

It can be such a bear to travel during the holidays. The schedules, getting to the airport, baggage, TSA, etc. It really can be exhausting during the time of year when you’re suppose to be happy and relaxing, right?! Well, I’ve got a tidbit of advice for ya that will make traveling with your gifts EVEN easier!

Don’t wrap the gifts if you’re putting them in your carry on.

I learned this the hard way last year. I had a bunch of smaller and more fragile gifts in my carry on bag and when I sent my bag through TSA they had to open my bag and UNWRAP the gifts. Then I had to attempt to re-wrap them. In some cases it went okay and in others I had to end up completely re-wrapping with new paper and tape.

Save yourself the time and frustration and just take all the gifts unwrapped and then wrap once you get to your destination OR put them in a checked bag!

You’re welcome!



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