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Try Meditating With Cassidy

I don’t know the magic cure to #grief. Or #anxiety. Or #depression. Or anything tough that any of us deals with in this crazy life. (Oh, maybe because there IS none… yup.)

But I do know that one thing that continues to help me on the sad days, the anxious days, and everything in between – is checking in with myself. Just noticing how I’m doing in this moment, and then this one, and then this one…

And the simplest way I’ve found to do that (FYI I said SIMPLE, not EASY) is to tune into my breath. To feel it, get curious about it, and remind myself that I always have that to come back to and ground me, even when the thoughts start to pop up (which BTW is NORMAL and does not mean you are “meditating wrong”).

So this week on my mental health podcast, @mentallytogetherpod, I recorded a 10-minute meditation all about checking into our breath. Click play below and come breathe with me 😁

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