Unlock Your iPhone with Your Face Mask

If your like me and own a newer Iphone with face ID, then there is a good chance you use Apple Pay to be safe during this crazy time. And since we are told to wear a mask one of the issues is that it won’t work properly. You have to remove your mask for the Face ID to work and then You probably got Covid Shamed for removing your mask for a second or so.

Well, great news Apple started rolling out an update for the operating system for iPhones yesterday . . . and one of the biggest changes is you’ll be able to use the “Face ID” to unlock your phone even while you’re wearing a mask.

Another long-awaited feature is the new privacy tool that will actively prompt you to opt-out of tracking across websites and apps. Apple now requires app developers to ask users to consent to any app tracking, a move that aligns with Apple’s greater privacy push (and has made Facebook really mad).

The new update also has some cool features including AirTags, where you can find other items on your Phone, such as Keyes, Your Bike, Backpack, and More

and one last other feature that is cool if you’re tired of Siri’s Voice you now have the option to change it Up, but to be honest I’m still waiting for Morgan Freeman to help get around town hahaha

You can install it by going to Settings, then tapping General, then tapping Software Update.

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