Sergey Korolev lives in Vancouver.  Until 2 years ago, he lived in Ukraine, and won a green-card lottery to move to the States and try and build a better life for his two daughters, and he obviously took that opportunity.  Who wouldn’t?

But now, his homeland is under attack.  The President of his home country is asking Ukrainian ex-pats to come home and join the fight…  and he is answering the call.

Can you imagine that?  Think of this hypothetical scenario:

You’ve always dreamed of living in the Bahamas.  The Bahamas gives you a chance to move there, and you can bring your family and live an all-around better life.  So you leave Oregon and take full advantage of the opportunity you’ve been given.  Then…  the rest of the United States attacks Oregon.  Oregon has very little chance of winning this fight, but they’re giving it a go.  Governor Chuck Norris goes on TV and asks all Oregonians to come home and try and fight off the United States.  (Oh, and by the way?  The entire world is on Oregon’s side, and nobody is doing business with the US, but that’s about all the help you’re gonna get.  The only thing keeping the US out of Oregon is the will of the Oregon people, and public opinion.)

You gonna answer that call?

I’d like to think I would.  But I’ve got kids to think about.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

KOIN 6 News has the full story.

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