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How do we talk about hard things? Cassidy chats with Portland author, Lianne Saffer

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This week, she interviewed Lianne Saffer, a Portland fitness instructor, hair stylist, life coach and now author. Her new memoir is called, Please, Don’t Send Me Flowers, and it made me both laugh and cry while reading it. In it, she talks about the fact that no one ever really teaches us how to talk about hard things.

Lianne wants to use her voice to help create true empathy and understanding. And that’s exactly what she does in this episode, as we talk about empathy, being ok with discomfort, and even some tips for what to say and do (and NOT do…) when someone you know is struggling.

Note: The podcast consists of real, raw conversations about mental health, which sometimes includes some swear words (because sometimes that’s just how our brains feel!).

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