Wait, Is St. Patrick’s Day Just For Young People?

This just dawned on me…  you never see older people being excited about this holiday.  It’s strictly a young-people thing.  Huh.

Think about what it used to mean to you.  In school, you’d wear green, or you’d get pinched.  And you loved it.  There was always a couple d***head kids in your class who would purposefully not wear green that day (because they were so rebellious and coooooooool).  But you loved it.

From college through your 20’s, it was a great excuse to party!  You’d put on your best goofy hat and big, green sunglasses, and you’d hit the town!  Get hammer-drunk, hook up if you could, and you’d be fine on the 16th in time for work.

But now?  In your 30s and beyond?  That all sounds like the hugest hassle.  This is us now…  “Ugh, I’m not going to pay $15 to park so I can try to make my way to the bar and get ignored at Kells for 2 hours.”  That’s literally my thought.  I’ll wear something green, but it’s gonna be the same shirt I wore last year.  Honestly?  I’m mostly excited that there might be less people in the places I wanna go, because they’re young people out celebrating.

Huh.  I never realized you grew out of St. Patrick’s Day.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull



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