Do you feel like some nights you can never sleep through the night, well you are not alone?  Chinese medical practitioners will tell you, every aspect of you is linked to a clock system that will energize it at certain times during the day.

For instance, if sleep becomes a problem from 9 PM to 11 PM, then it could mean that you are dealing with some form of stress. Similarly, when sleep is an issue at 2 AM, then your liver might have issues. This is true for all parts of the body as far as this ancient wisdom goes.

But if you get up between 3 AM and 5 AM, then you should seriously consider that a sign that a higher power is trying to tell you something. when you wake up at this time during the night, you might pay closer attention as you could be getting an important message from the supernatural world.

It could be something as important as a message on what path you need to take in life. But if you are wondering where to start to receive this message from a higher power when you get up at this hour of the night, you could start by considering what the dream you were having was about.

What you dreamed about might offer some incredible insights about your spiritual journey when you wake up at this time of the night, you could do some breathing exercises, think on things that make you sad, and even try to resolve any emotional issue you might be struggling with at the time.

More importantly, try to understand that message that is being conveyed to you as it could relate to a serious concern about your life such as your career. But generally, when you get up at this time of the night, you should try to ponder certain things about your life and forge a path towards a better version of yourself.

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