Want to feel some gratitude this week?

Happy Thanksgiving, to those who celebrate! But whether you’re celebrating or not, I think we can all use a little extra gratitude.

This is the 4th edition of Mindfully Together, a series of meditations I’m doing on my Mentally Together podcast. Get comfy and listen up, and I hope it provides a few minutes of calm and relaxation in your day.

Today I will lead you through a 10-minute gratitude meditation, where we will be checking in with our breath and tuning into the gratitude in our lives. It sounds cheesy, but for me, remembering that I have things to be grateful for does sometimes help me through the sad days (I also totally recognize that there are times this can NOT help at all…). Another thing that’s really been helping me lately is just checking into, “hey, how am I actually feeling right now?” And meditating helps me be able to do that. It’s helpful, even when how I’m “actually feeling” is depressed, anxious, or all of the above…

So get comfy (you don’t even have to sit still) and enjoy this meditation.

You can keep up with Mentally Together on Instagram @mentallytogetherpod. Cassidy’s Instagram is @cassidyquinntv, and you can watch the video version of each podcast episode at YouTube.com/cassidyquinn.

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