As we all experience this Covid 19 Pandemic and being told  Gym’s are closed for now, we still have to get exercise and continue to work out after all it might be your New Year resolution. Did you know working out for just 11 minutes a day, can change a lot of things including.

Just 11 minutes of exercise a day can help you live longer. Yes, 11.  That’s according to a new study from the Norwegian School of Sports Medicine. Researchers say “moderate” exercise for those 11 minutes could include anything from a brisk walk to mowing the lawn.

It is important to note: The study did show that people who worked out 35 minutes a day did see the biggest health benefits, but at least 11 minutes a day did prove to be good as well.

So Get up and do simple things,

Here is my new work out plan at home that works for us, Plank for a minute, 25 Jumping jacks, Plank for another minute, wall sits for 30 seconds, Plank for another Minute, start slow 10 Pushups, 10 Sit-Ups and then take a 1-minute break and then Do it all over again, and most important take a walk get outside to refresh your mind and be happy.

You’ll be surprised how much better  you feel and Good Luck


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