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Watching Your Spouse Go From ‘Husband’ to ‘Daddy’

I remember years ago someone told me that your perspective on your spouse changes when they become a parent – especially when husbands become Dads.

I don’t remember the explanation or the ‘why’ behind that but it stuck with me all these years. I’ll be 32 in September, I’ve been married for 10 years next month and I have a two-year-old, Bridger Bo and one on the way. So… I’ll let you do the math and how long we waited to have our first. That’s a long time to have the thought in my head about my husband becoming a Dad and what that change would look it.

I’m sure it looks different for everyone but I’ve gotta say I think we waiting until the perfect time. Waiting 8 years was definitely worth it. It truly is something to see… The man that is your best friend and love of your life holding, for the first time, the other love of your life.

Watching my husband play with Bridger, laugh, try to discipline (I say try because well, toddlers lol) sing songs, read books, pray, have two-year-old conversations… Y’all. It’s something you can’t even imagine.

I think back to when I tried to imagine my husband, Spenser, as a Dad and I thought I did a good job of visualizing it but boy was a I wrong. The real thing is soooo much sweeter.

The perspective I thought I had of Spenser just multiplied into something I didn’t even know existed. And as I look down the road to vacations, baseball games, broken arms, graduation and all the things – I can’t wait to see my husband as Daddy.

This will be my husband’s third Father’s Day and it feels like the best one yet.

A happy early Father’s Day to all your Daddy’s out there 🙂



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