Well, that’s certainly not the outcome I expected!

According to officials in Washington, they believe they managed to clean up the Asian giant hornets, better known as “Murder Hornets.”  They found a nest in 2020, and when they eradicated it, they found about 20 new queens inside.  They found queens from the same lineage in three other nests in 2021, but those nests only had the one queen.  So it’s very likely they didn’t propagate any new lines…  which means they got them all!

Now…  can we just…  believe that?  This is 2022, and we have been in easily the craziest, most unpredictable times in our lifetimes.  Is it really possible that we actually won something?  Like we set out to do something that will help public health…  and we accomplished it 100%?  Poppycock!

But at the same time…  I’m hopeful it’s true!

KOIN has the full story.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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