If you haven’t noticed already, yes I’m saying this sarcastically We live in a digitally-connected world.  Look around everyone Grandparents, Moms, Dads teenagers, little ones, we all can’t put down the phones and tablets.  Researchers and doctors show us studies how important it is to limit screen time, does it sometimes feel that no matter where we are or what we do, there’s a screen in front of us one way or another? Americans spend nearly half of their waking hours looking at screens, according to a survey of 2,000 adults. I’m just as guilty

More specifically, the survey found that 42% of the time Americans are awake, their eyes are fixated on television, smartphone, computer, tablet, or other devices. Supposing the average American slept eight hours a night (not even close to the case for most adults), the researchers calculated that people spend about six hours and 43 minutes a day staring at a screen. Over a typical lifespan, that’s 7,956 days And the problem is only getting worse.

Of those surveyed, 79% said their screen time has increased over the past five years, with four in ten admitting it’s grown “a lot.” Three in four participants believe they simply spend too much time in front of screens. In fact, 53% take breaks from the computer — by checking their phone. Another 27% admits to watching TV and looking at their phone at the same time.

How often do you look at your phone, tablet or computer on a daily basis

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